From unique shapes to lesser known brands to indigenous communities with traditional patterns, the world of straw hats is artistic and making bold statements. What makes a straw hat incredibly special? How it’s woven, what materials were used, it’s silhouette, and the intricate details all play a role in making each piece unique. Coming in all shapes, sizes, and colors you’ll soon discover there is a straw hat for everyone and every occasion!

Below, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite styles this year, including this oversized boater and frayed edged sun hat, but the instant classic always remains this Audrey Hepburn inspired hat! From traditional, to whimsical, to beach casual – all your straw hat needs are covered here!

1. The Artisanal

Mama Tierra, Washein, and Casa Chiqui are just a few of the brands offering these gorgeous traditionally woven hats from the men of the indigenous Wayuu community in Colombia and Venezuela. They’re available in endless colors, and the geometric patterns, called Kanaas, have symbolic meaning. I love this red one below, and each one comes with a fun fuzzy pom pom in a matching color. As they’re all handmade, you can guarantee each one is unique, making it a perfect gift or special addition to your hat collection.

2. The Platter:

Another gorgeous Wayuu woven hat, but this time with a spin on a platter silhouette: a shallow flat top with a wide brim, mimicking as you guessed – a platter! I’ve seen a few variations of this style popping up all summer, this hat from Woma Hats comes in an array of colors ranging from orange, to black, to pink. You may have seen Jacquemus popularize this hat style a few years ago on the runway, and I’ve been in love with it ever since.

3. The Classic Boater

The one that goes with EVERYTHING! If you’re interested in building your hat collection, I suggest starting with this classic. The boater is simple, understated, and elegant in all situations. This one is particularly special because of the metallic sheen to the straw and the little bee pin, but I also love a boater with a thick textured straw or an interesting ribbon detail.

4. The Open Weave

Nothing says you’re enjoying island life more than a loosely woven straw hat! I just adore this hat. It’s gorgeous in its simplicity, and it’s perfect for a day at the beach. With it’s thick, handcrafted open weave, you’re guaranteed to stay cool this summer when the ocean breeze blows by, and it’s sturdy construction makes it easily packable for your next tropical getaway.

5. The Audrey Hepburn

We all know and love the iconic Breakfast At Tiffany’s moment, add a croissant and this hat makes me feel très élégante. Whether you’re in the city, having Sunday brunch, or just want to feel glamorous by the hotel poolside – this hat is your go-to-girl for instant chicness. This exact style is available in a dyed black straw, as well as natural, and I’ve linked a few vintage inspired variations below.

6. The Larger Than Life

Absurdly huge, wildly impractical, and one I simply cannot live without. From the moment I saw this hat, I KNEW I had to have it – go big or go home, right?! It makes for gorgeous picture moments and keeps you well protected from the sun (like a personal built-in umbrella!). If you want the drama, this is your summer hat. File this under one of my more indulgent purchases, but hey, when you know, you know.

7. The Wide Brimmed Boater:

The bolder cousin to the classic boater hat with a brim nearly DOUBLE the size, but that just means more to love! With complimentary neutral colors of natural straw and black ribbon (a favorite color combo of mine), this style effortlessly complements everything. I mean everything. I love to pair mine with an oversized silk dress, playing with the contrast between flowy and structured silhouettes, or as shown here with big ruffles and puffy sleeves.

8. The Bold Color

The brighter, the better!! What’s more gorgeous than a stunningly large hat in a boldly saturated hue? I feel like Carmen San Diego when I wear this, a mysterious lady in red. We all need a punch of color in our lives, and this red hot hat is just the way to do it. Pair with an equally bold red outfit for a knockout monochrome look. (P.S. this style also looks gorgeous in a hot pink and citrus as well.)

9. The Frayed Edges

The quintessential island girl hat. It’s easy, it’s floppy, and the little wispy tendrils blow in the ocean breeze. I love the rough, thatching texture, and it’s quickly become one of my favorite go-to hats in the summertime as it goes well with sundresses and bikinis alike. Pro tip: Unravel the edges a bit more to achieve a wilder fray effect.

10. The Bell

An ultra-wide, curved brim achieves one of my favorite silhouettes: the bell shape. Reminiscent of the Audrey Hepburn inspired hat, this feels fresh when reimagined with a wide grosgrain ribbon (which comes in an array of gorgeous colors and fabrics, like this silk fuchsia ribbon!) wrapped around the crown, a thickly textured straw brim, and unique zigzag edging. It transitions perfectly from beachside to downtown, and I typically pair this with a little black number – either dress or one-piece swimsuit!

Happy hat shopping, hope your summer is sunny and beautiful!

xx, CC