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It’s more than a moment. It’s a hard look at equality, at human rights, and at police brutality in our country.

It’s a deep reckoning with our history. It’s a movement asking each and every one of us to join the fight against racism that exists within our culture, within our communities, and within our own minds.

At the very essence of it, we are all human beings. We must protect everyone equally under the law, and as individuals, it’s essential we treat every single person with fairness, with kindness, and without bias.

There are many ways to support the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and if you scroll to the bottom of this post, I’ve created a list of ways you can educate yourself and help support worthy causes. One of these ways is to shop Black-owned businesses. There are limitless options, and what I’ve included today barely scratches the surface, however I’m starting with the area ThatIslandGirl is most familiar with: swimwear!

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Today, I’ve rounded up 15 beautiful and diverse swimwear lines founded and owned by Black female designers, some of which I already own and some of which are new to me. From classic styles to bold designs, there is a little something for everyone’s tastes. I hope you discover a few new brands to love and find as much joy shopping these sites as I did. After you’re done exploring these incredible companies, I hope you continue reading about the many other ways in which you can support #BlackLivesMatter today and everyday.

1. Riot Swim

Luxurious, barely there swimwear founded by model Monti Landers reinterprets classic styles with signature details like ruching and extremely high cuts to give you minimal waist and legs for days. Created using soft, double lined nylon/spandex in a range of gorgeous neutrals and eye popping colors, these swimsuits hug your curves in all the right places, making this an investment that you’ll be wearing summer after summer. I have one of the original styles: Echo One-Piece in lime, which is available for pre-order now in a multitude of colors. You’ll want to snap these up, as this is a popular brand and styles go quickly!

Shop: Riot Swim
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2. Asherah Swimwear

Swoon-worthy. Founder and designer Cheryl “Cejae” Jones has created a collection for the dreamiest of tropical getaways. Using her background in graphic design to create eye-catching prints, she twists them into unique, extremely flattering swimwear shapes. You can’t help but feel like a beach goddess as you tie yourself into one of these pieces! There are so many options to choose from, like this Green Calpyso Bikini and the Pink Ombré Siren both shown below that I have and love, and both are able to be worn multiple ways.

Shop: Asherah Swimwear
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3. Castamira

Jamaican model Chantel Davis is the face and mind behind the nostalgic swimwear line, Castamira. Her brand focuses on empowering women through sustainable 1970’s and 90’s inspired swimwear. Using eco-friendly materials in both swimwear and packaging, the delicate lines of each swimsuit focus on highlighting the feminine curves unique to a woman – such as the sensual curve of the lower back. Shown in the images below, this vintage-inspired ruffle one-piece ‘Oasis’ has vintage detailing and an old world romantic style after my very own heart. Check out their site below to see more colors and designs.

Shop: Castamira
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4. Bfyne

Colorful, fun, and bursting with personality, Nigerian-American designer Buki Ade has created an innovative swimwear collection combining her culture and creativity with show stopping flair. Step into the spotlight on your next vacation when you pair your swimsuit with matching kaftans, high-waisted pants, and scarves for a full resort ensemble that exudes confidence. I love and have already ordered this ruffle top and high waist bottom in red (also available in a gorgeous yellow print!).

Shop: Bfyne
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5. Lem Lem

Meaning “to bloom and flourish” in Ethiopian, Lem Lem was founded by supermodel Liya Kebede with a mission to promote artisan craftsmanship and support women’s empowerment throughout Africa. Shopping with Lem Lem benefits the Lem Lem Foundation, with proceeds going towards women’s health and job training. Woven in light cotton and made in Ethiopia, some of my favorite pieces include the Semira one-piece swimsuit and this beautiful plunge neck dress in both yellow and pink.

Shop: Lem Lem
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6. Rielli

Individually handcrafted, these neon ribbed bikinis are eye-catching and body sculpting. Miami based founder and designer Arielle Baril has a gift for creating a minimal aesthetic without losing that special Miami pizzazz. Using clean lines and flashy colors, Rielli flatters a woman’s curves in a beautifully understated way. With ethical production being a key principal at the core of the company, each piece is specially made to order. I have my eye on this bubblegum pink bikini, perfect from the pools in Miami to island hopping in the Caribbean!

Shop: Rielli
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7. Öfuurë

Founded by Nigerian Canadian designer Tehilah Abakasanga, Öfuurë is a family run African inspired clothing and swimwear brand breaking all the barriers. Influenced by African prints, Öfuurë offers a variety of swimsuit and flowy cover-up styles in matching bright colors and bold patterns. And although this is a swimwear post, I am also obsessing over their patterned workout sets in multi-color and orange/pink. From the gym, to the beach, to the party, Öfuurë has designed something for everyone, anytime.

Shop: Öfuurë
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8. Fe Noel

Brooklyn based brand Fe Noel was inspired by creator Felisha “Fe” Noel’s Grenadian heritage and is infused with color, nostalgia, and big, bold shapes. To top it all off, their prints are the DREAMIEST of them all and speak directly to my heart. I love their signature “Nutmeg” print from their current collection. I’ve already ordered it in this one-piece swimsuit and matching robe, but honestly I could wear any and everything Felisha has created! Scrolling back through their past collections, the only thing that disappoints me is how many truly stunning pieces I’ve missed out on. Remedy: keep a close eye out for her newest collection. It’s sure to give us our fashion fix and a much needed dose of wanderlust!

Shop: Fe Noel
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9. Sage Swim

With clean lines and understated silhouettes, Sage Swim offers us your not-so-basic-basics with a modern, architectural twist. This is a minimalistic swimwear brand featuring luxurious fabrics, with signature details including high legs and asymmetrical cutouts. I’ve ordered this bikini, available in a gorgeous orange and off-white, but I’m extra in love with the bubblegum pink. It’s a twist on a classic, and I can quickly see it becoming a summer staple year after year.

Shop: Sage Swm
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10. Jade Swim

Oozing in simplicity and elegance, this timeless swimwear brand is appealing on so many levels. Offering UV protection and eco-friendly fabrics, founder Brittany Kozerski (a former fashion editor & stylist) has created a stunning collection that focuses on classic designs in a variety of solid colors and beachy textures. Shop here for all your staple swimwear needs. My first order? The Cava one-piece in Terry cloth with the peek-a-boo cutout (shown below in color sage).

Shop: Jade Swim
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11. Melissa Simone Swim

Inspired by the silhouettes and prints from the 90’s, founder and designer Melissa Simone Gardner has built a successful brand, already endorsed by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Winnie Harlow, and Bella Hadid. As a 90’s baby myself, I’m drawn to the familiar shapes, and particularly love this simple string bikini (shown in the left image below) and mesh dress cover up. The brand pulls inspiration from iconic faces such as Tyra Banks and Christy Brinkley, recreating classic looks that eye-catching and timeless.

Shop: Melissa Simone Swim
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12. Clem Swimwear

Founded by J’Lysa Wilson, the inspiration behind Clem Swimwear was J’Lysa’s aunt Clementine, the role model who taught and encouraged her to pursue a career in fashion. Featuring trendy cutouts and beautiful details, Clem Swimwear has created unique pieces, like this bi-colored style (shown below), also available in green/yellow! With a mission to be inclusive of all shapes and sizes, each swimsuit design undergoes a rigorous fitting process before being handcrafted in Los Angeles, and delivered to your doorstep. To top it all off, the Clem Swimwear campaigns are beyond stunning, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of their pieces!

Shop: Clem Swimwear
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13. Andrea Iyamah

Oh. My. Swimwear. From bold prints to innovative silhouettes, Nigerian fashion designer Dumebi Iyamah pulls inspiration from colors, ethnic cultures, and nature to create a jaw dropping collection. I am obsessing over the brand’s gorgeous imagery, as well as endless creative designs. I cannot take my eyes off this colorful patterned high waist bikini and matching robe, but honestly, I could wear it all!

Shop: Andrea Iyamah
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14. Twisted Saints Swim

YouTube beauty star Aaliyah Jay has entered the swimwear world with her very own collection: Twisted Saints Swim. This New York based brand features pops of bright colors, bold prints, and trendy cutouts. Get the pink wrap bikini for summer beach or poolside afternoons, and be sure to add the animal print one-piece (shown below) to your wishlist so that you will be one of the first to know to when it comes back in stock!

Shop: Twisted Saints Swim
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15. Diarrablu

Born in Senegal, founder Diarra Bousso is a self-described creative mathematician. Using geometry and algorithms to create eye-catching prints, Diarra has created a brand inspired by Africa’s bold patterns and colorful prints. Focused on using sustainable materials, almost everything in produced in Dakar, Senegal, with Diarra’s mother overseeing manufacturing. From kimonos to jumpsuits, Diarrablu creates versatile pieces for an everyday lifestyle. My eyes are immediately drawn to the strong lines and loose style of the coral cabana set seen below.

Shop: Diarrablu
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As mentioned above, there are many ways to support the Black Lives Matter movement and join the fight against racism, and although this is not a comprehensive list, here are a few more things you can do to help:

We can all do better together. I know I can do better, and I will do better to support Black-owned business and amplify Black voices throughout all my platforms. What will you do today to help make a difference?

xx, CC

(All research and opinions are my own. Images are all courtesy of Instagram and credited where appropriate. There are no affiliate links incorporated in this article and I do not receive a commission for any item you may purchase.)