“The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.”

Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen)

With sand on her toes and sun on her shoulders, she dove into the light blue sea, now warm from the tropical morning heat. The island was barren, she hadn’t seen another soul in days, but her heart was content with spending time alone with her thoughts.

“This is truly summer”, she mused to herself as she inhaled a deep breath, tasting the salt on her lips, remembering her childhood days in St. Croix – long afternoons spent frolicking in the sea, taking shade under the palm trees, feeling the thick summer breeze blow the wisps of her long brown hair.

“Yes,” she nodded to herself, “this is truly happiness.”

Discover the newest fragrance from Ellis Brooklyn: SALT, capturing the essence of summer, with notes of thick musk, tropical Tahitian tiare, and warm amber, and unlocking memories of long forgotten summers spent by the sea.

As if capturing the air itself, all Ellis Brooklyn fragrances are formulated with clean, nontoxic ingredients, allowing you to experience their scents naturally and worry free, just as paradise was meant to be.

For more information on the standards of clean fragrance behind the Ellis Brooklyn brand, see here.

Why choose clean beauty?

Perfumes are one of the most unregulated sectors of the beauty industry. Companies are not legally required to disclose the ingredients of anything labeled “fragrance” in their product, resulting in over 4,000 chemicals (many of which are toxic, banned in Europe, and legal in the USA) to remain hidden on the ingredient list. The Credo Clean Standard is setting higher standards and requiring beauty companies to be transparent about their ethics, sourcing, safety, and sustainability efforts. With the guarantee of over 2,700 ingredients on “The Dirty List” to never be included in any of the products they carry, I use Credo Beauty’s vetting system as a guiding star when experimenting with new beauty products, such as my newly discovered Ellis Brooklyn SALT perfume – now my perfect scent for summer 2020.

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