You maayyyy or may not have already gathered that I have a special place in my heart for swimwear. Growing up in the US Virgin Islands (with 11 years on the swim team) I feel like I have lived in a swimsuit with bare feet and wet hair for most of my life! Tropical, sunny, humid climates are definitely my comfort zone, and luckily, it’s summer all-year-round in the USVI – particularly during the best time of the year, the holidays! I love spending my holidays on the beach, it is beautiful, peaceful, and easily my happiest place on earth.

One-piece swim suits are my favorite. There are endless flattering styles, plus they feel more like an outfit than a bikini. Here are a few basic rules I follow when I’m shopping for a one-piece:

  • Plunging Neckline or High Cut Leg, but not both: a majority of my one-pieces have deep-plunging necklines, as I feel it’s one of the easiest ways to keep a one-piece swimsuit from feeling dowdy. A deep-plunging neckline highlights your torso and draws attention to your waist, while a high cut elongates your legs. Pick which style suits your body type best, but avoid doing both in the same suit. (I also avoid showing belly button in a one-piece, but that’s a personal preference!)
  • Modest Front + Low Cut Back: it’s all about balance! If you’re seeking more moderate coverage in the front, opt for a swimsuit that has an open back.
  • Defined Waist: another trick to avoid a frumpy one-piece is to ensure it has a well placed cut out, seam, or belt to cinch the waist and define the hourglass shape.
  • Color vs. Pattern: I look for colors and patterns that are flattering on my skin tone. This summer I love the burnt oranges, mustards, whites, polka dots, and tropical patterns.
  • A little je ne sais quoi: in this case, a dramatic ruffle makes a bold statement. I also look for an interesting sleevebelt, metal, scallop, or floral detail.
  • Fit: it may sound silly, but give yourself plenty of time to try the suit on and make size adjustments before you travel! A perfect fit will ensure you are always comfortable – whether you’re walking the beach, swimming, or lounging poolside!

This is the first Johanna Ortiz swimsuit I’ve purchased (it was a holiday splurge!) however I have been a long time admirer of the Colombian designer’s use of bold colors, tropical patterns, and statement silhouettes. Every piece of hers has a special detail that sets it apart (and makes you want to buy everything!). When I saw the gorgeous burnt orange, ruffled plunging neckline, and cheeky back, I knew it was perfect for my next tropical destination: US Virgin Islands, of course! It comes in multiple colors and patterns, and even styles like a one-piece with high-waisted jeans.

Here are a few other one-piece styles from Johanna Ortiz that I simply could not resist sharing:

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If you have any rules of thumb you always follow, or any questions about swimsuit fits or brands, let me know!

xx, CC