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Sandy Tones

I’m bringing sandy tones to the beach! As it’s October, I have been inspired by the fall tone-on-tone looks I’m seeing everywhere and wanted to put my own Caribbean twist on it! We don’t have any falling leaves here in the islands, but sandy hues work perfectly right here on the beach!

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Looking Back At #PFW

Watch all the digital fashion shows online here! Paris Fashion Week has always been a magical week filled with over-the-top fashion, outlandish parties, celebrity sightings, and precious moments catching up with friends in the most glamorous city in the world. Here’s a little recap of some of the best moments I’ve spent at Paris Couture Week – because darling, Paris is ALWAYS a good idea!

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Labor Day Sales

Labor Day sales are some of the best times to snag amazing deals on summer collections – which is perfect for all my tropical girls out there. From woven bags to colorful frocks, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite pieces ALL on *SALE* this weekend! Here’s a sneak peek at the highlights:

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10 Statement Straw Hats To Wear This Summer

From unique shapes to lesser known brands to indigenous communities with traditional patterns, the world of straw hats is artistic and making bold statements. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite styles this year from traditional, to whimsical, to beach casual – all your straw hat needs are covered here!

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Summer Plaid

This print is reminiscent of the madras fabric so familiar in our island’s traditional wear. Reinterpreted with jewel tones and designed with a vintage-inspired silhouette, this high waisted, color saturated bikini has quickly become one of my favorites.

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