Already I adore everything tropical print, but when it’s purple *my favorite color* AND has orchids *my favorite flower* I’m a little bit weak in the knees. I’m loving this Ballet Camisole Bikini Top and it easily transforms into a crop top. Plus, those ruffle details *heart, heart* It’s definitely coming on my next holiday, along with a high-waisted long white skirt, Baublebar Crispin Drop Earrings in Fuchsia, and some espadrille wedges. Keep an eye out for it on my IG! @carolyncarter

After a day at sea exploring caves, lagoons, and secret beaches, my mom, brother, and I were looking forward to a quiet, relaxing day at the Matinloc Resort. We slept in (to about 8am, haha, but that’s great for us) and we moseyed our way down for breakfast and coffee. We’re definitely a must-have-coffee-in-the-morning-before-we-can-function kind of family. Did I mention that our room at the resort was 99 stairs up into the cliffside? Drop dead GORGEOUS views, and totally worth all 99 stairs. But, wow, did we get into shape during our stay there!

Breakfast was fantastic, we had french toast, pancakes, and eggs benedict with fresh four seasons juice and lots and lots of pineapple and mango. We loooooooooove mango!!! We have fantastic mangoes in the USVI, but the Philippine mangoes are a close competition, and *don’t tell anyone* but I think they have even better pineapples!

After breakfast we soon we found ourselves in the game room renting out Rummikub, one of our favorite games. We love playing games together as a family. Even on vacation we’re competitive, and stumbling upon the game room gave us another excuse to continue our lifelong competition to see who can out-strategize the others. I love my quirky family, we really do love each other and love spending time together.

The rest of the day we had massages, played more Rummikub, and had dinner while watching the sunset – a picture perfect end to a picture perfect day.

Details // Isabella Rose Hot Tropics Ballet Camisole Bikini Top // Isabella Rose Hot Tropics Hipster Bottom // Current Elliot Denim The Snap Jacket // Steve Madden Werkit Sandals // IB Designs ‘Circle of Life’ Hoop Earrings