Dear 2019,

I will always look back upon you as one of the most challenging years my family and I have ever gone through.

You have tested us.
You have pushed our boundaries.
You have taught us invaluable lessons.
You have helped us grow.

You have been a wild 365 day ride filled with ups, downs, adventure, joy, pain, heartache, honesty, hope, but most of all: unconditional love.

Love has always been the key to our family’s success, and no matter what struggles, challenges, and changes have been thrown our way, love has been the deciding factor in every situation.

Love brings us together,
love strengthens us,
love nurtures us,
love brings us joy,
and as always, love lights the way.

I am thankful that my family, my friends, and me are not only stronger, but have emerged happier, healthier, and closer than ever before, and tonight, under the same twinkling stars, we celebrate the close of this chapter and dance into the hopeful new beginnings of 2020.

Together, may we all enter our new year with a bounty of joy, eternal optimism, and endless love!

Tonight, I wish everyone around the world a wonderful, happy, & festive New Year’s Eve!

xx, CC