I hardly ever post about animals, because although I love them, it’s never been my true passion. In a funny twist of fate though, somehow I ended up with ALL best friends that are ALL animal lovers!

I am, however, a travel lover, and part of being a traveler is knowing how to be a responsible traveler: be kind to the environment, support the locals, and by all means – do not visit establishments that promote the ill treatment of any living being. ⁣

The animal entertainment industry is brutal, and I recommend watching National Geographic’s “The Hidden Cost of Wildlife Tourism”, because majority of the tourists visiting these places aren’t armed with all the facts, and I just know in my heart if everyone realized how harmful these places are to the animals’ well-being, they wouldn’t be supporting them. ⁣

⁣When I found the Samui Elephant Sanctuary, honestly, I was worried I would arrive and it would be a scam, because there are a lot of hidden truths in this industry. I was so happy and relieved to find that this was a true safe haven filled with loving caretakers, well-informed visitors, and most importantly: rescued, recovering, happy, free elephants in a healthy environment that focuses on the elephants’ well-being and not the tourists’ entertainment.

If you’re tempted to visit an elephant “sanctuary” that allows you to ride them, bathe with them, watch them perform, or chains them, even if “only at night” – I’m sad to say, this is NOT a sanctuary.

Please do your part to be a global citizen, please be a responsible traveler, and please share this message with all of your friends and family before they travel!

All my love, C