In the midst of a pandemic, all our lives are being touched, and while each story remains unique in its circumstances, we are all in this together. With religious, ethnic, and cultural differences set aside and with only the value of the human life at the forefront of our minds, I have never felt a stronger connection between all human beings in the world today, than in these moments. 

My heart and my thoughts go out to everyone who have been affected by COVID-19 directly and to the unsung heroes who are battling on the frontline every single day. It is because of your strength and bravery that we can all safely stay at home in quarantine. 

I have been social distancing for four weeks, and quarantined for two. I chose to stay home for the elderly and the immunodeficient, both of which I see within the faces of my very own family.

We’ve all been called upon, not only by our nations, but by the entire world to do our part to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Although we may create amusing posts and memes about what #lifeinquarantine looks like to get us through the monotony of the day, at the basis of it all, staying home signifies we are all taking our social responsibility seriously, and to me, that highlights the essence of humanity within us all. 

Saving lives. Saving our economy. Keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe.

These are the new daily conversations I am having.

In light of this, I am delaying many of my travel posts, including my latest guide to Trinidad Carnival 2020 and our girls’ trip to St. Lucia, as I’ve decided to focus more on what’s currently on my mind, and most likely – on all of our minds.

At different times throughout the day, I feel the weight of my fears, the weight of my decisions, and in the height of it all, the weight of the world. During these moments, I tend to retreat to my quiet place, finding solace in self-care. Putting on a hydrating face mask, listening to music on the treadmill, and creating art calms my nerves and allows me the time to process through my emotions while doing something I love. 

How has your life been affected?

How are you coping?

What does your day to day look like? How are you practicing self-love? What do you do to ease anxiety? How is your family affected? Who do you call for support? How have you planned for emergencies, for the future, for your family? How has the internet and social media helped you? Who are you quarantined with and how has that relationship changed?

I’ll be sharing my thoughts on these questions in the upcoming weeks, my hope being this will become an open space we can come together to share kindness, inspiration, and happiness in the moments we need it most.

Wishing everyone good health and a gentle reminder to please stay safe, stay home, and stay in touch with loved ones.

All my love,
xx CC