As we’re all homebound for the foreseeable future, I find my mind is wandering the world, craving colorful scenery, cultural immersion, and above all – socializing!

It’s day 133 of quarantine and my list of dream getaways has increased significantly, to say the least. The destinations I’m seeking all have one thing in common: unique experiences, like Brazilian Carnival, a Kenyan safari, and a trip on the Orient Express.

My dream of all travel dreams right now is Brazilian Carnival – with music, costumes, and dancing, talk about sensory overload!

Ever since I’ve experienced Trinidad Carnival and discovered Brazilian designer PatBo, I’ve been dreaming of one day experiencing Brazilian Carnival. Until we have a safe world to travel in though, I know this will continue to only be a dream, and for now, I will experience Brazil vicariously through my PatBo dresses.

I’ve previously gushed about Brazilian fashion designer Patricia Bonaldi’s brand PatBo when I featured this dress (on sale in both white & black) on my last trip to Colombia in a gorgeous casa in old town Cartagena. I’ve never been to Brazil, but I am certainly inspired by Patbo’s couture-esque designs capturing the culture, colors, and spirit of Brazil.

I’ve noticed (and love) how the brand pays particular attention to accentuating feminine curves through cleverly placed v-shaped cutouts, asymmetrical hemlines, and various layers of fringe, ruffles, faux tortoise shell, and mesh.

I’m appreciative of the play on textures and artisanal details, and when designer Patricia Bonaldi reimagines the style for each new collection, it results in stunning after stunning dress! From bold tropical prints to richly hued gowns, I’m in love with each of the styles below for their uniqueness, elegance, and whimsy. I’ve linked my favorites below, including this long sleeve Giraffe print dress and this gorgeous beaded dress.

9. Palmeira Netted Dress // 10. Fringe Long Sleeve Dress // 11. Plunging Neckline Dress // 12. Lace Dress
13. Fuchsia Tropical Dress // 14. Hot Pink Dress // 15. Embroidered Dress // 16. Plunging Neckline Dress

Lately, as we find our habits are changing (going out less and traveling less), I’ve become much more selective on what I purchase – seeking out only very special items that suit my now more permanent island lifestyle. I’ve enjoyed spending my free time discovering brands that offer unique designs, support sustainability, and have strong ethics. I appreciate PatBo’s commitment to traditional Brazilian craftsmanship and to garments being made in Brazil, and I can’t wait to see what she creates next!

Stay safe, and stay well!

xx, CC