Did you know today, June 27th, is National HIV Testing Day!? I’ve been an ambassador for raising HIV Awareness for the past three years, and this year I am proudly volunteering with Frederiksted Health Care, Inc to help raise HIV Awareness throughout the US Virgin Islands! Did you know we have FREE HIV Testing in the US Virgin Islands!? FREE!! 

Do you know your status? Take the test. Take control!


Respect yourself. Empower yourself. Know your status and feel good about taking control of your health. Where will you get tested today?


Today is National HIV Testing Day (go get tested and #knowyourstatus!), but every day should be about awareness and education. The greater message is about empowering yourself and actively knowing your health status. If we increase our awareness, eradicate the stigmas, and have candid talks about our health, our world would be a better place. Let’s stop the unnecessary judgement, especially on ourselves. Listen to, honor, and respect your body. Embrace happiness, be gentle on yourself, feed your body the healthy nutrients it craves, and most of all, love and celebrate yourself daily!

Take control and be the best you!

For more information please visit the Frederiksted Healthcare website.

xx, CC