This is an East meets West story, pulling inspiration from the old West cowboys, the original Native Americans, Vietnamese embroidery, and Max Mara’s Spring 2020 RTW hair and make-up.

I couldn’t help but sing Old Town Road in my head while shooting this look, never mind that I didn’t have a horse anywhere nearby – let alone in the back.

It took me all summer, but I found I just could not resist the charm of the Western boot trend anymore once I laid eyes on THESE Golden Goose Wish Star cowboy boots – super dreamy, super cowgirl cool, and comes in ALL these colors:

Separately, but relevant, I made the most wonderful friend while traveling in Vietnam this summer, who took me under her wing and showed me all her favorite local clothing shops in Hanoi. This jacket was one of the gems I found (“Hand Embroidery” by huu la la), made by one of the hill tribes in Vietnam, while the black and white plaid scarf was a gift from a beautiful woman in one of the southern local Vietnamese villages.

These are my favorite kind of souvenirs, the type that tell stories of the people I met and the places we went together.

In reality, our homes (and our closets) are filled with sentimental, special items that tell our story, and there is no wrong way to decorate or get dressed, especially when everything has meaning. This is what I love and celebrate about fashion, you can create who you want to be, and that is your story that you get to share with the world, every single day – and today, I wanted to be a Max Mara Vietnamese Cowgirl!

We’re only limited by our imagination – what story will you share with the world today?