It’s been 6 years since I’ve been to Thailand, which feels like a few lifetimes ago, and it couldn’t be a more special reunion. I’m celebrating this moment with my family by exploring southern Thailand, a part of Thailand that is completely new to me. It’s been a gorgeous trip so far, and I am so excited to share that it has been vastly different than the experiences I’ve had in Bangkok and northern Thailand.

Packing for Thailand was super easy as I was already familiar with the country and the weather (very casual and very humid). I chose to play with a few of my favorite island textures that I know are up for any and all adventures that may come my way:

This particular dress is 100% organic cotton, but whether it’s cotton, silk, hemp, linen, or a blend of them all, I always reach for a breathable material to help beat the summertime heat. I am particularly enjoying that natural fibers and textures are in full force this summer. There are a plethora of pieces available, from hemp dresses, to matching cotton sets, to even beautiful white linen blazers (I stumbled across the perfect one at Zara, and now I’m on the hunt for high waisted linen shorts to match! I’m thinking these). I’m in love with the way these materials exude casual effortlessness, which is a quality I admire in style. Yes, linen wrinkles if you even look at it the wrong way, but there’s something about the way the breeze flows through linen on a hot, tropical day that makes it so irresistibly perfect for the summertime, and especially island getaways. Yep, natural fibers are surely the way to go this summer, especially in white!

It doesn’t get more Caribbean than this. I’ve been eyeing this belt from Cult Gaia (it feels like) for forever! I finally mustered the courage to purchase it, and I’m so happy I did! It goes with ALL of my flowy dresses, and I’m debating purchasing the square rattan belt as well. I think it’s my best accessory this summer. Speaking of that, I will soon be posting my top accessories for this summer, stay tuned! With this look, I love how the thick texture of rattan contrasts with the softness of the organic cotton, and as they’re both natural fibers, there’s an easy harmony between the two. Shop my belt and similar styles:

To top it off, imagine my luck, shells are IN this summer. Every island girls dream. I’ve been living in my Shashi gold dipped shell necklace and Tohum gold-plated puka shell bracelet (see my latest post in Trinidad & Tobago), but I’ve also been eyeing a few other pieces, especially this dreamy headband:

Thailand has been a dream so far, from exploring Tiger Cave Temples, to water gun fights, to tasting delicious mangosteen. Stay tuned for a round up of all my looks and adventures along the way!

xx C