It’s spring in London! Or at least that’s what they keep telling me. It is April, and it is indeed showering (let’s hope May brings many flowers!). Yesterday, it was sunny, rainy, cloudy, blue skies, and hailing – all at once! It was almost unbelievable. In the Caribbean, we hardly have two seasons a year – let alone four in one day! Wardrobe wise, it is terribly confusing getting dressed in the morning.

Weather aside, I love being in London. This is the first time I have ever seen the cherry blossoms, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I also love strolling through the parks and seeing the tulips in full bloom. English gardens surely are the best in the world, and London is truly beautiful!

While in Dubai last week, I found this adorable Multi-Colored Check Blazer, and it seemed perfect for spring in London! It has a beautiful structure, in an overall neutral color, with gorgeous hints of pink and green, and plenty of texture. Casual, understated, and the pink happens to match the cherry blossoms (a happy accident!). Originally, I was planning on pairing the blazer with a beautiful chartreuse slip dress from Olivia von Halle and sneakers, however temperatures haven’t hit above 55°F, and I couldn’t bear the thought of being cold!

Rather than shiver, blazer + denim + wellies made for a dangerously good combo for stomping around London, in rain, shine, or even hail! Preparedness is key, so when in London, wear Hunter Boots, right?! I opted for the Original Tour Tall Rainboots in black, which are light enough to fold and pack into a suitcase (anyone else have constant overweight baggage issues?!) and black basically goes with everything. Speaking of, I also always travel with this camel turtleneck, because it miraculously seems to always match with every single thing I own.

Anyone headed to London anytime soon? If so, I suggest lots of layers and rain friendly shoes! I hope everyone is enjoying their spring, wherever you may be in the world!

xx, CC