Long gone are the days when my pajamas were tattered old swim team t-shirts, tucked away in my wooden nightstand, concealed from the light of day, never to be seen by another living soul outside the house.

You remember those, right?

Believe it or not, in the wonderful world of fashion, pajamas are now

That’s right.

Jammies have not only earned the coveted star role in our day to day wardrobe, they’ve become investment pieces.

Investment pieces?

Yes, you heard that correctly.

Luxury pajama brands such as Sleeper and Olivia von Halle are redefining our vision of nightwear: how we wear it, when we wear it, where we wear it.

In the past decade, I’ve vaguely dabbled in the world of pajama, having only recently splurged on a soft modal nightshirt and a classic long sleeve top and matching bottoms. For something only I see when I’m half asleep, I found it hard to justify the expense.

But alas, it’s a new world, and brands like Sleeper are giving me some seriously irresistible reasons to reconsider my thoughts.

Yesterday’s drab nightgowns have been updated into today’s stylish sleepwear, and where there’s an occasion, there is now a fabulous pajama:

There are striped pajamas.
Slip dress pajamas.
Oversized pajamas.
Polka dotted pajamas.
Linen pajamas.
Christmas pajamas.
Silk robe pajamas.

And now, my most recent (and indulgent) discovery:
Feather trimmed pajamas

The options are far too beautiful to simply wear to bed. In fact, I’m even a bit nervous to wear mine to sleep, for fear of a feather falling off. I wear mine around the house, and when I don’t feel like changing, I layer on a few glamorous accessories – like pearls and Manolos, and walk out the door.

With the rise of athleisure and loungewear happening long before the pandemic, luxury is being redefined as comfort and quality, and today’s pajamas are bridging the gap for those of us who don’t want to sacrifice comfort for style. The lines between loungewear and going-out-wear have officially been blurred, and I couldn’t be happier. (P.S. I’m also head over heels for Sleeper’s linen collection, which transitions perfectly from bed to outerwear.)

Style your favorite feather trimmed Sleeper pajamas with everything from cat eye sunglasses to a pink woven Colombian hat to Chanel mules. The more outrageous, the more fun, because go big or go home – or maybe, go big and stay home?

Beautiful pajamas (worn inside and outside the home) have become a comment on how we want to live, a fashion statement if you will, and a true fashionista can never turn it off, even when she sleeps.

xx, CC

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