Today, I took a BIG step forward towards fulfilling one of my wildest dreams, to be featured in the


In all honesty, it’s been a dream I’ve mostly kept to myself over the years, partly out of fear and partly out of self-doubt (darn that little voice in all of our heads!), but last year I made the commitment to be true to myself, to leave all my fears behind, and to attend the SI Swim Search 2021 casting call!

You may be wondering, why I would want to take part in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Search? I’m already 30 years old with hundreds of grey hairs and a pageant career long behind me…

Simply put, I am incredibly inspired by female-driven movements empowering women to invest and believe in themselves!

SI Swim has transformed their platform into a sacred space for women to support women through sharing real stories and words of encouragement. It’s a safe, uplifting community where women feel celebrated, respected, inspired, and represented – and every fiber of my being wants to be a part of that movement!

As I say in my casting video below,
“When women come together, and lift each other up – MAGIC HAPPENS!”

Our lives are transformed when we begin to build each other’s confidence, support one another’s hopes and dreams, and celebrate all that it means to be a woman. One woman is powerful, but together, we are unstoppable!

Every woman, no matter her shape, size, color, or location, is uniquely beautiful and deserves a chance to shine, so thank you SI Swim for creating this special space for us to embrace who we truly are and to surround ourselves with other like-minded, inspirational women!

Who knows where this journey will lead, but thank you for joining me on it. I put all my heart into this video, and while it gave me immense joy to create it, I had a sudden onset of butterflies when it finally came time to submit my SI Swim Search 2021 entry. Please find the official entry here where you can “like” and make comments, as well as the video below.

THANK YOU for dreaming with me, your support and kind words mean the world to me!

xx, CC