For as long as I can remember, my grandmother has had the green thumb. She loved trees and flowers, and the gardens around her house we’re always lush, natural, and teeming with life. I grew up in the house next to hers, and I always loved to explore, pick seeds, collect flowers, and play games with my friends in her yard.

One of the beautiful things about growing up on an island is you’re always surrounded by nature. While we had palms, flamboyants, and bougainvillea-a-plenty, there was always one special tree in my grandma’s garden that fascinated me the most: the Carambola tree. Also known as starfruit, the delicious yellow fruit grows in the shape of a golden star, and once sliced, turns into beautiful 5 pointed stars.

I can’t help but smile every time I see the starfruit tree, especially during the season when it is overflowing with golden stars. It reminds me of my sweet childhood days, my sweet grandmother, and my sweet memories of the time we all spent together growing up on St. Croix.

xx, CC

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