The golden hour – a magical time when the sun sets, and beautiful long rays bathe everything and everyone in a soft amber glow; the sun’s final embrace before succumbing to the starry night.

I can easily see the inspiration behind the colors of the sunset, and why they are having a major moment in the fashion spotlight this spring (and surely it must go on all summer long?!). Luckily for us, these colors are extremely flattering on most skin tones – and if you’re olive, like me, they’re especially lovely for bringing out your summer tan – which I know we’ve all been hard at work on!

Mustard, Marigold, Amber, Apricot, Ochre, Saffron, Maize, Mango, or simply: yellow – I could go on forever finding delicious ways to describe what I believe is the prettiest hue in the sunset color wheel, and today, I dedicate this post to the beloved golden hue.

To me, a sunset is evocative of romance, and I challenge you to find anything more très island chic than this sheer, silky dress that flows effortlessly in the sea breeze.

This is already one of my favorite finds this year, let alone this season! To enhance the simplicity, and natural beauty of this dress, I paired mine with gold dipped cowrie shells, an oversized straw hat, and my favorite pair of hoop earrings. Shoes, of course, always optional.

No matter your style, or your next destination, there are endless possibilities to incorporate gold into your wardrobe this season – whether a dress, a swimsuit, or even a sunset ombre handbag is your thing. See some of my other favorite pieces that I think look amazing in this hue:

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