Hooray, it’s officially 2020!!! I hope everyone had a beautiful New Year’s Eve, celebrating the transition into a new year exactly as they wished! Last night, we laughed and danced our way happily out of 2019 and into the first morning of 2020. I felt an immense amount of closure, as if finally ending a long book and flipping open the first page of a new novel. This morning, I woke up with a sense of rejuvenation, ready to take on a new year with a fresh set of goals and up for new challenges.

Just as New Year’s Eve is dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of the year passed, New Year’s Day is for planning new dreams. Have you set your resolutions yet? I’m not typically a year by year planner, I lean more towards a long term vision of what I’d like my life to look and feel like, but in 12 days I turn 30, and this has made me particularly thoughtful towards my goals this year.

While age is simply a number, I do feel transitioning from my 20’s to my 30’s is the end of one era, and the embarkment of a new journey. It feels very significant to me. As I stand here with my best friend, who shares the same birthday with me and has been my best friend since age 5, I am glad we are entering this new phase in our lives together. The bonds of family and lifelong friendships mean the world to me and give me the much needed foundation to build a healthy, fulfilling life as I am on-the-go most days of the year.

I have always had a naturally strong desire to travel, see, and experience the world for myself. I want to meet different types of people, I want to explore new countries, I want to understand the world from another person’s perspective, and I want to create the world I live in. I truly believe nothing can teach you more about the real world than walking in someone else’s shoes, adapting to different cultures, and exposing yourself to new thoughts and ideas. All of my travels have inevitably shaped my thoughts, my compassion, my creativity, my dreams – and ultimately, the woman I am today.

This year, however, most likely due to rocky circumstances in 2019 as well as a nesting feeling of turning 30, I find myself turning inward and wanting to focus on my home life. What do I want most out of my 30’s? I feel my sense of childhood trailing behind me as I step through the door into womanhood – and as if right on time, I am completely ready for it. And while I don’t know what lies ahead in my life’s journey, I am filled with hopes and dreams, and feel optimistic that I can handle anything coming my way.

So this year, I have set my intentions to focus on home life, my family’s well being, and laying a strong foundation for the next decade’s challenges, adventures, and surprises.

To all my readers, may 2020 bring you good health, happiness, and plenty of good luck.

Happy New Year!
xx, CC