I LOVE rain boots! Full disclosure though, I love ALL types of boots. I have recently discovered Hunter Boots, and because of their rainbow of color choices, my obsession has multiplied. Growing up in the Caribbean, there were not many opportunities to wear boots (shocking, I know). However, with a few recent trips to chilly, drizzly locations (London + Alaska + Atlanta), I took full advantage to snap up a few of my favorite pieces.

The realm of rain boots was a whole new world to me. Did I want tall, short, matte, glossy, socks, no socks, and most importantly – what color should I choose? Obviously, all important decisions.

While in London, I had the chance to pop into the Flagship Hunter store on Regent Street (gorgeous, btw, you have to go) and try on all different types of boots and matching coats (okay, I admit, the coordinating umbrellas as well – I couldn’t resist!). Here’s what I realized I loved: tall boots + socks + matte all the way!

Color selection is wildly subjective, and all I will say is I loved going monochrome with the jacket, umbrellas, boots, and socks. Plus, it made my drizzly days so much more fun!

I’ve invested in three types of Hunter Boots, and I’m sharing my opinion of each below: Original, Tour, and Refined. I have yet to try any of the Play, Technical, or short boots – but I can’t wait to expand my collection!

Original Rain Boots: The Classic

The Hunter Boot’s Original Rain Boots have to be the classic rain boot. If you’re investing in one pair, please make it this one. They come in a variety of fun colors, my favorite being the Military Red, Green Olive, and Violet. I imagined they were going to be heavy, but sliding my foot into the warm, insulated sock and stomping around London all day was light, easy (and dry!)

Original Tour Rain Boots: The Traveler

These are your go-to travel pair of rain boots. I chose the Hunter Original Tour Rain Boots in all black, because I found it the most versatile color of the choices (based on my cold weather wardrobe). They are also lighter than most of the boots, and fold easily to place in a suitcase, which is perfect for those of us who are chronic overpackers (me!). These probably get the most action of all my rain boots, especially for dashing out of the house and running errands.

Original Refined Rain Boots: The Splurge

The Original Refined Rain Boots were the first boots I purchased on my trip to Alaska, simply because they were purple! (in case you didn’t know, purple is my favorite color) I love the refined boot – it’s slimmer, and as it looks like a riding boot, it appears more feminine. Perfect for when you want to feel a bit more elegant in the rain. I like the Original Refined Rain Boot in a darker color, but that’s just a personal preference! (although, that’s not to say I wouldn’t change my mind if they came out with a light pink boot!)

Glossy or Matte?

Regardless of what style you select, they all look amazing once they’re on! To me, the most important factors are: 1.) Select the color you love, and 2.) Decide on glossy or matte. (btw, there is no wrong answer!) My favorite pair of boots in my collection so far are the Military Red Original Rain Boots in matte, and that’s just because the color makes me immensely happy!


All boots are sized to allow the boot socks to fit in, and they may feel a bit big if you have opted for no sock. If you want to use the shearling insoles and the boot sock, I suggest going up a size, otherwise select either or. I am typically a size 7 shoe, and I stayed a true 7 in Hunter Boots. In outerwear, I am wearing the size XS in the Original Waterproof Rubberized Hunting Coat.

I hope this helps you! I’ve linked some of my favorite outfit combos, but if you have any questions about your next rain boot purchase, let me know in the comments!

xx, CC